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Amy Butler for Boden? July 30, 2011

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This week my new Boden dress arrived, and I’m very pleased with it – I wore it the very next day. All day I kept thinking that the print looked familiar, that it reminded me of something.

Exhibit A: a bag that was made for me several years ago by my friend Megan (of Not Martha), using an Amy Butler pattern.

I was pretty sure it was made from an Amy Butler print, but I couldn’t find it on the Amy Butler website. I emailed Megan to check, and she confirmed she had used Amy Butler fabric to make the bag.

Exhibit B: my new dress, from Boden.

The fabric the dress is made from uses the same print as the bag, though it has been scaled up a little bit, and recoloured. You can get a much better look at this on Boden’s website.

I’m fascinated to think that a print like this can be doing the rounds for so many years, before turning up as a dress. Megan thinks that in the past, this print has been used on dresses for sale at US chain Target too. It must be strange to work as a textile designer, not knowing what form your fabrics are going to take once they are released into the wild. Jessica from How About Orange notes on her blog when she’s seen one of her fabrics being used in a magazine, or for sale as part of a finished product, and I really like to read about it.

I’m also interested to know more about how prints are bought and licensed – I have a skirt that is in the same print as a top of of my colleagues has. The two garments are from very different shops, and the fabric used for used is different too (one’s a lightweight cotton, the other is a heavy, velvety fabric). The colours used contrast greatly – which is another thing that gets me thinking, about how a designer creates something but then someone down the line chooses to recolour it or alter the scale. So I think I have some research to do…



2 Responses to “Amy Butler for Boden?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Amy could have got the print from public domain. I found out that she and other major designers do this and then color them to their liking. I don’t know if I explained that right but hopefully you get the idea.

  2. lauravw Says:

    That’s an interesting thought, Sarah – thanks!

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