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Return of the hedgehog August 1, 2011

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I’m excited to report that our little hedgehog visitor has been visiting us again this week.

We first saw him in April, and then hadn’t seen him since. But this week, I was in the kitchen at dusk and saw a little shadowy creature shuffle across the patio.

He didn’t set the security light off (I think he’s too small for that), but I watched him for a while in the dark (I wish my night vision was better!). After his last visit, I’d done some reading on what hedgehogs like to eat (and what’s good for them), and had bought a little tin of rather fancy chicken flavoured cat food as a result. The tin has been sitting in our cupboards for months, just in case he came back, and I was really pleased to get the chance to put some on a plate and sneak out there to leave it for him to find.

We saw him walk around for a good while, going back and forth around the patio, but mostly staying close to the edges (for safety, I assume). I didn’t actually see him eat the food – in the morning, it was all gone, but there are a lot of cats round here, in addition to the occasional fox, so it could have been any of them.

On Saturday night he visited again, and I watched him carefully to see what he got up to. Armed with that information, just before it got dark last night, I put out a saucer of water and another of cat food, in the spot he’d spent the most time in. Sure enough, just before 10pm, he walked across the patio and went straight to the saucer with water in. He had a drink, and then a little of the food, and then as he moved on he walked over the saucers and spilled the water.

Shortly after that, the cat from next door arrived, and the light came on. I opened the door to shoo the cat away, and since the patio was now illuminated, I snapped a few pictures of the hedgehog as he sat quietly in the corner (larger version on Flickr).

In all, he was in our garden for about 40 minutes – he headed off in the same direction from which he’d arrived. I’m already looking forward to this evening, to see if he’ll be visiting us again.


3 Responses to “Return of the hedgehog”

  1. Cute. We used to see hedgehogs in our garden when we first moved here but, sadly, no sightings for years.

  2. Debbie Says:

    Adorable! I love hedgehogs – when I was younger my family and I found an abandoned baby hedgehog (hoglet) which we raised with advice from Tiggywinkles. When he was old enough we put him in the garden with an enclosure to protect him. He then dug himself out when he was strong enough – a steady supply of food meant he wouldn’t go hungry out in the wild. I have seen one around our garden but I have to admit I worry terribly about it – there seem to be so many killed by cars in our area that it makes me wonder how the species can survive. You are definitely doing the right thing though – milk is a no no. I will continue to enjoy your updates.

  3. PinkCatJo Says:

    You lucky lucky thing. I’m so jealous. We nursed a hedgehog during the winter of 1993-94 and it was great to have such an unusual pet. Sonic was so big by the time we let him go in the spring. I’ve not seen one in London for years, just lots of dirty looking foxes. I even saw one which looked like a whippet the other night! x

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