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Day tripping August 28, 2011

Filed under: Places to go — lauravw @ 1:18 pm

The last Bank Holiday weekend until, gulp, Christmas. Yikes.

So we decided that if the weather was reasonable, we would go on a day trip to the nearby town of Southwell. It rained all day long on Friday, but by Saturday morning things had improved a lot and so the day trip was go.

I’d not been to Southwell before, and now I’ve been there, I think I’ll be going back. It’s a pretty little town, with a few interesting shops and nice cafes. The first order of business was to visit Southwell Minster, and we were fortunate in that our visit coincided with a photography exhibition. Amongst the pictures I was happy to find a few of Second Beach in the Olympic National Park, a park we’d visited a few years ago on our travels.

We enjoyed exploring the Minster itself – it’s a big building and you can’t really take it in all in one go. There are patterns all over the place – I really enjoyed looking at those around the doorways and columns.

The other appealing thing about the town was the architecture of the smaller buildings – there are a lot of nice-looking houses to see. As soon as we got home, I had a peek to see what sort of homes are for sale there at the moment. The answer is that there are quite a few nice ones, but they’re not cheap. Oh well. However, I have noticed they do an open gardens tour in the summer, so at least if we go to that we can get a closer look.

Hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!


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