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Enjoying Autumn September 26, 2011

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Going back to school is a wonderful excuse for new stationery. I’ve started taking evening classes in Adobe Illustrator at a local college, and have a new folder to file my notes in, and the justification to use some new notebooks I bought in Brussels earlier this year.

I’ve also been on a photography course, and have another one booked in for next month. I bought a new camera back in the spring, and am starting to understand a bit more about what it’s capable of. Mostly, it’s about making sure I spend some time every week using it – trying to avoid using the auto settings, and instead learning what all those little buttons and dials do.

Having said that, this picture of a heron is one I took on Saturday morning at Wollaton Park, using one of the auto modes. He seemed like he was about to fly off, and I didn’t trust myself to capture the moment using settings I’d tweaked myself. Oh well. I’ll get better at it – and hopefully faster.

The autumn weather this week has been very welcome. The leaves here are turning, and quite regularly we’ve seen flocks of geese flying over the garden, making plenty of noise to alert us to their presence as they pass by so that we won’t miss them.

We’ve not seen the hedgehog much of late, but I’m convinced he’s still a regular visitor. How do I know? Let’s just say he leaves a little calling card on the patio. I guess it won’t be long now until he goes into hibernation, and I’ll miss seeing him.


One Response to “Enjoying Autumn”

  1. Great picture. I’m considering buying a new camera I haven’t worked out how to use the basic one I already have so what would be the point?) but there’s so much choice out there.

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