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Owls October 3, 2011

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This little chap was an unexpected visitor to my part of town last week.

As I walked home from work on Friday afternoon, I passed the craft fair that comes to town every few months, and tucked away in a corner was a fenced off area containing a display of birds of prey. There were more than a dozen birds, from Little Owls like this one to bigger birds like a Harris Hawk.

They’d come from a rescue centre, so all had rather tragic tales to tell about how they’d ended up needing to be taken in. They seemed to be in good shape now though, and well cared for. Friday was such a hot day here, and they all had great big water bowls for drinking out of and splashing around in.

I took a lot of pictures, so if you want to see some of the other owls, have a look at the album I made on Flickr.

And while I’m talking about wildlife, I’ll just let you know that our little hedgehog seems to be spending more and more time in our garden. If I wake in the night, I can often hear him pottering around on the patio, rummaging through the gravel. I’ve started putting out dried mealworms for him, and by morning they have always disappeared – I hope it’s him that’s eating them. We’re also leaving out plenty of water for him every day – it’s been so warm and dry that it must be difficult for less mobile animals to find water. I have read that he could go into hibernation any time between now and November, but I expect the hot weather means he won’t be doing that any time soon.

The hot weather also means that it doesn’t yet feel right to put up Halloween decorations. I’m working on a little Halloween project though, so hopefully soon the appropriate weather will arrive.


3 Responses to “Owls”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow – your pictures are beautiful. You should frame some!

    I love reading about your hedgehog. We came home last night to two raccoons in our tree. They looked so naughty and they are!

  2. Ali Says:

    Your beautiful owl should help you get into the Halloween spirit! I know what you mean about not being able to start when it’s still warm, though.

  3. The weather is definitely more autumnal now. Spotted a box of pumpkins in Sainsbury’s the other night but they were on the green side of orange!

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