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We are sound October 30, 2011

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A lot has changed in the past 18 years – but a lot has remained the same.

One December night in 1993, I went to see James, in concert in Derby. My mother came with me to the concert, while my father, who drove us there, went to a nearby cinema to watch Kes.

And then last week, mum and I went to see them in concert again, this time in Nottingham.

I’m not sure what 15-year old Laura would have made of the fact that 30-something year old Laura would still be going to see the same bunch of musicians, even after all those years. Or that this time, she was wearing a skirt, grown-up shoes, and a pashmina. (15-year old Laura had a very limited wardrobe of jeans, trainers and band t-shirts. 17-year old Laura had a similar wardrobe, but with the addition of a leopard-print top and some dark lip gloss.)

Some things change, and some don’t. Something that has changed in that time: the fortunes of the group that supported James back in 1993, a little-known group called Radiohead. I hear they’ve done quite well since then.


One Response to “We are sound”

  1. PinkCatJo Says:

    Aw, I liked this post and I like the fact that although some things change, others remain the same. I had a similar feeling when I went to see Take That in the summer. I may have been 29 and married, but I still loved Mark Owen! And I’m hoping that Father Christmas brings me TT’s DVD and live album for Christmas. The 13 year old Jo would definitely approve! x

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