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Christmas goodies December 10, 2011

Filed under: Christmas — lauravw @ 10:53 am

The internet is awash with lovely Christmas things this year. My very favourite thing so far, which happens to be free, is Caitlin’s Rose’s Christmas song, You Never Come Home for Christmas. I have been listening to it on repeat, and while I’m the only one in the house, I have been singing along rather loudly. You can download it for free here. I was lucky enough to meet Caitlin Rose after her show in Nottingham earlier this year, and it made my week. If you’ve not heard her music yet, you can listen to it on her website.

I had already made a Christmas stocking containing a hot chocolate kit before I saw Megan’s latest project, but I wish I’d seen it sooner as it would fit into a Christmas stocking much more neatly than the things I put together. I will remember it for next year.

Technically this is from last Christmas, but it stands up to repeat viewings: the Simon’s Cat christmas tree cartoon. If you have ever lived with a cat, you will no doubt have experienced something very similar.

I am going to spare myself the stress that making this Yule Log would no doubt entail, but I have enjoyed looking at it. Perhaps I will buy one instead. I do plan to make Nigella Lawson’s Girdlebuster Pie though – I will let you know how it turns out.

And last but by no means least, my very talented friend Eloise has had tea towels made using her artwork. They are made here in England,which I find reassuring in these dark days when jobs are thin on the ground. Most importantly, they are lovely – I imagine most people wouldn’t dream of using them to dry their dishes!


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