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Snowday February 5, 2012

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So it snowed a bit. We’d heard the weather reports saying that it would, but I don’t think I quite believed that it would happen.

It started yesterday afternoon, and it kept on snowing heavily until long after I’d drifted off to sleep. By the time I woke up, everything was covered in three inches of snow. I got out of bed early to go out and feed the birds, and they seem to have appreciated that. We’ve had a garden full of them today – unlike last Sunday, when we were taking part in the RSPB garden birdwatch, and they all seemed to hide.

I have enjoyed the excuse to stay indoors and do nothing. I’ve had time to finish a sewing project (pictures to follow – it’s only a cushion cover, but it was an unnecessarily complicated one, and so I am unduly proud of it. Here’s a shot of it part-way through).

I have ventured out in the garden with Daisy the cat, who did not like the snow at all and wanted to come straight back in. In previous years she’s been a bit more brave, but this time ths cold temperatures meant the snow had frozen a bit, which must have made it tough on her paws. She is now curled up on a blanket.

Another outing saw me walk as far as our neighbour’s house, to borrow some jigsaws. And that is the plan for the rest of the day: jigsaws, tea, and cake. And hoping that it melts fairly soon…


One Response to “Snowday”

  1. We had a sprinkling of snow here, which Boo loved but it’s more or less vanished now. I’d quite like a foot of the stuff!

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