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Light Night February 13, 2012

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It was below freezing on Friday evening when we ventured out for Nottingham’s Light Night.

Earlier in the day, we’d decided we definitely weren’t going. It was far too cold, the pavements were still icy from the snow that feel a week ago, and I was feeling a little bit under the weather.

But a couple of friends spoke very enthusiastically about the event, and I didn’t want to miss out.So I put on as many layers as I could manage while still retaining the ability to move, and off we went. (I saw someone at the event wearing deck shoes on their feet, with no socks – I suspect they may have lost a few toes as a result of that decision!)

According to the temperature thingy on my phone, it was minus 6 for much of the time we were out – and it felt like it. We took lots of pictures, and my fingers hurt from being exposed to the cold for so long.

I’m glad we went though – there were so many things to see and do, and they were all free. We started at a parkour demonstration in an underpass (not somewhere I’d usually choose to spend a cold night), and then walked up to Nottingham Castle, where a couple of Daleks had landed (they can fly, you’ll remember). There were illuminated marionettes walking around, and, best of all, hundreds (maybe thousands) of little paper bag lanterns had been attached to railings all around the site. This photo shows just a few of them – there were so many more.

To warm up, we went to the Homemade cafe, which was hosting a 1950s diner night – complete with a live band. It was packed – it seemed like we wouldn’t get a table, but luckily for us someone was ready to leave. The food was good, but it was the range of alcoholic milkshakes that appealed to me most – I had a brownie, amaretto and chocolate ice cream one (and I think I could have easily polished off a second one). I don’t know why it’s never occurred to me to put alcohol in a milkshake before, but I’m sure it won’t surprise you to hear that this is something I shall be trying out for myself VERY soon. I don’t have a bottle of amaretto (yet!) but I have a couple of other things that would work – Kahlua, Baileys, and that bottle of Creme de Noisette that I splashed out on a while ago

The last stop on our tour of the city by night was the Bromley House private library, where the gardens had been illuminated. I’d never been inside them before – it’s hard to believe there can be gardens like this right in the heart of the city centre.


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