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In miniature May 21, 2012

Filed under: Flowers and plants — lauravw @ 5:15 pm

We went shopping to buy a new kettle last weekend (ours have a history of leaking, making dangerous electrical noises, and generally giving up the ghost).

We didn’t buy a kettle. But I didn’t come home empty-handed: I bought a small glass house to go in the bathroom. One of those things you don’t know you need until you see it. It was a bit of a worry bringing it home on the bus, but it made it here intact, thankfully.

The we decided it needed tiny plants to go inside it, so it was good timing that there was a plant sale in our little town this weekend. We found a couple of stalls selling alpine plants and cacti, and the cactus man was very helpful. So we bought these three, and now we’ve got to try to keep them alive. (Like kettles, house plants don’t do well in our home. Other than orchids, which are much hardier than they appear.)

He says they like the sun, so that means we have to keep moving them into the sun every day. In their fragile little glass house. Very carefully.

You can see the little house here – we got it from Debenhams, should you be in the mood for making such a frivolous purchase…


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