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London called June 18, 2012

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For most of last week, I was in London. The weather was a lot kinder to us than the forecast suggested, and we only got rained on once. Happily, that happened as we were passing a restaurant we wanted to visit, so we simply headed inside and had an early lunch.

It’s the first time I’ve had a holiday in London, and it was great. Our hotel was in a good location, on the top edge of Hyde Park, which meant we were close to two different tube lines and lots of buses.

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and as soon as we’d unpacked, headed out to Covent Garden. I wanted to have dinner at Wahaca, an excellent Mexican restaurant with a good atmosphere. I don’t think my mother had ever had Mexican food before, but she seemed to really enjoy it – particularly the hot sauce!

After our meal, we shopped in Covent Garden, which was festooned with bunting. Did you know there is a Moomin shop there? I certainly didn’t know about it, and pretty much squealed when I spotted it. Having said that, I didn’t actually buy anything – I already have Moomin key rings, pencils, and a Moominmama cake slice (that’s my favourite item). There’s also a Laduree shop, selling their favour macarons. I’ll warn you now that you’re not allowed to take pictures in there – so if you must have a picture, you’ll have to do it covertly!

Our main port of call for the evening was the Royal Opera House, where we had tickets to the ballet. We found out when we booked our trip to London that it is possible to get very cheap tickets, so long as you don’t mind sitting with a bit of an obscured view.

The pricier tickets were beyond our budget for this trip, but I liked the idea of going to the Opera House and soaking up the atmosphere, so we bought the cheapest tickets they had and crossed our fingers. Our seats were very high up, on the front row of a precarious little balcony. I felt a bit dizzy, and a little bit in peril – I was a bit nervous of suddenly plummeting over the balcony and falling onto the people below. Luckily that didn’t happen! And, while my view wasn’t great, I still think it was worth going, both to see the show and to see the inside of such an amazing building. I also enjoyed people-watching, particularly in the bar during the intermission, which looked down onto a spectacular glass restaurant (there are already plans afoot to return later in the year, and I think a trip to this restaurant would be an experience worth saving up for).


One Response to “London called”

  1. Ali Says:

    I am a total London holiday convert – glad you had a good time!

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