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Hampton Court Palace June 19, 2012

Filed under: Places to go,Travel — lauravw @ 11:25 am

On our second morning in London, we woke to sunny skies – a very welcome sight, since we had planned to visit Hampton Court Palace.

None of us had been there before, and we all loved it – the gardens are incredible, and we saw them at a time when there were plenty of things in bloom. There is a walled rose garden, and as you walk around it, the perfume from the roses hangs in the air. The buildings are impressive, and some of them are almost 500 years old – King Henry VIII even lived there!

There is a lot to explore inside, but most of our time was spent in the gardens. I’d love to go back there, and if you’re planning a visit to London, I would whole-heartedly recommend a visit. I’m sure there would be plenty to see later in the year too, but to see all the flowers in bloom and the trees in leaf really makes it look wonderful.

I took so many photos on this trip – you can see the rest here. Next up: our boat trip along the Thames, and a visit to Tate Modern.


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