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Space issues July 31, 2012

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20120731-151148.jpgI’ve been a subscriber to Martha Stewart Living for quite a few years now – I’m not sure how many, but I have editions going back around ten years. And I’ve kept them all – which means they take up rather a lot of space.

So I’ve decided to work my way through them, snipping out the recipes and articles that caught my eye, and donating the rest to friends/recycling them.

It’s been quite fun – I’ve started with the older editions, from before Martha went to prison (or, as she apparently tells it, “the army”). In those days her name was very prominent on the cover, and from the moment she was sentenced, it was made much less prominent. Now that she’s been rehabilitated back into society, she takes a more visible role in the magazine, which I think is good news.

I’m still subscribing to the magazine, so the editions will continue to pile up, but when my subscription expires next year, I’m going to opt for the digital-only version and simply read it on my iPad.


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