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1940s dance-off September 14, 2012

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Two weeks ago we went to a 1940s weekend at Rufford Abbey, which is in Sherwood Forest, north of Nottingham.

It was a free event, and my expectations were low – we’ve been disappointed in the past by events that promise a lot but deliver little. It was quite a trek getting to Rufford by bus, but within two minutes of arriving I was watching people in authentic 1940s costumes dancing, which made my journey totally worthwhile.

There were so many people in costume, people who were part of the event and people who were simply attending it. A large part of the site was devoted to the military, which clearly played a big part in life in those days. What I enjoyed most were the civilians – and as you walked round the site and heard them chatting with each other, you could see that quite a few people remained in character. I heard a women dressed in lower-class clothing be very respectful towards a woman who was clearly of means, and I saw plenty of others who seemed utterly caught up in the past, in a good way.

There was a fly-by from a Spitfire, and then more dancing. The dancers were from the Festival Swing Dance Society, and they looked to be having tremendous fun. The programme of events indicated that there was a dance class being offered by the Society, and I really wanted to be part of it. Andy didn’t want to dance, so that meant I had to be paired up with one of the instructors – which meant I got personal tuition! Disappointingly, it turns out I’m not a natural when it comes to swing dance, but I did enjoy myself at least.

As ever, I took a lot of photos, some of which are now on Flickr.