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Back from Boston October 9, 2012

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I’ve been far away from Busywork Towers of late, spending a couple of weeks enjoying the spectacle that is New England in the fall (autumn, to those of us on this side of the Atlantic).

We started out in Boston, a city we visited once before, almost exactly ten years ago. This week I dug out our photos from that holiday, and was interested to see I’d been drawn to take pictures of many of the same things this time around. It’s quite a compact city by American standards, and so if you like walking, you can explore much of it on foot. (Though admittedly there was one particular day when, having walked too far, I was on the brink of just lying down and refusing to take another step. Luckily there was a cafe across the road and we were able to recover in there for a while.)

As ever, when I travel I like to investigate the food on offer – and no holiday is complete with time being spent in a foreign supermarket. There were a few good ones to explore this time, particularly the Whole Foods close to one of the hotels we stayed in. Another food highlight for me was Flour Bakery – I am envious of the many office workers and students we saw there, who seem to be able to use the place as their regular lunch spot. It’s famous for its cakes, and the Boston cream pie I tried was so good that once I’d eaten it, I joined the back of the queue so that I could buy something else to try. They had such a huge range of stuff on offer, from cakes and meringues to breads and soups. Fortunately they have produced a book of their recipes, and heavy hints have been dropped to certain people about how I could easily find a space for that on my bookshelves.

I took a lot of pictures – they are all on Flickr if you want a peek. I’ll write some more soon about the other places we visited while we were away – it certainly beats dealing with the enormous pile of laundry that threatens to topple over and crush me…


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