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Happy Halloween! October 31, 2012

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20121031-191831.jpgHappy Halloween from Busywork Towers!

As you know I’ve had my decorations up for weeks, waiting for today to roll around. Last week I stocked up on chocolate bars, lollies, and those chewy sweets that threaten to pull your teeth out. And then last night I emptied all those sweets into my (newly-purchased, while in Boston) Hello Kitty trick or treat bag, ready to dole out to visitors tonight.

I got home from work just as it was getting dark, lit our pumpkin (which has a crow on it this year, and is quite a sight to see – except for the sad mouldy patch round the back, but we won’t dwell on that), and put it outside on the front step, to let all the local witches, ghosts and vampires know that we were open for business.

Within a few minutes there were footsteps on the gravel, and then a knock at the door. Three witches greeted me, and I gave each of them a chocolate bar and a lolly. Then there was another knock, and on our driveway stood a little girl dressed as a pumpkin, with her father in tow. Again, more sweets were distributed.

But that was where I went wrong: I started out too generously, and supplies dwindled fast. After 25 children had called, I only had enough sweets for five more trick or treaters. And wouldn’t you know it, the next time I heard a knock at the door, I was greeted by TEN children in costumes. I quickly explained that there were more of them than I had sweets, and they took it pretty well – thankfully the parents they had brought along with them reminded them they would all have to share their treats once they got home anyway. But towards the back of the group was a little girl who looked very sad that she wasn’t getting any sweets. She had kept her part of the bargain, dressing up and going to a house that looked like it would welcome trick or treaters, and I had failed by not buying enough sweets.

Which is why I have now brought the pumpkin indoors, turned off all the lights, closed the curtains, and am hiding in the living room, pretending I’m not home.


One Response to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. Ali Says:

    Oh no! If it makes you feel better, last night our first load came so early, I hadn’t got the treats out and had TOTALLY forgotten where the safe place I had put them was. Frantic scrabbling ensued and distribution of random chocolate instead. I did find where I’d hidden them later though!

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