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The waxwings, we found them! December 23, 2012

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waxwings2012I wrote last week about my fruitless search for waxwings, and I’m thrilled to report that today we finally found some.

It was a bright sunny morning, and we were keen to go for a walk, having been cooped up all day yesterday due to the heavy rain. I wasn’t even planning to take my camera, but Andy thought I should, and I’m so glad I did. (I just took my compact camera, but luckily the light was good and so I could still get decent enough pictures of the birds.)

I wasn’t even looking for waxwings really – we’d been out for about an hour and a half walking around the neighbourhood, exploring footpaths and seeing where they went. On the way I’d been pleased to find a school I’d seen featured in Country Living magazine last year, with its own farm. There were two pigs in a muddy field close to the school, and some chickens nearby.

And then we headed for home. As we walked down the hill, Andy saw a tree ahead that was filled with birds – there were about a hundred of them. They are quite confident around humans, and we were able to watch them for several minutes before a passing car spooked them. As we approached the tree, there was a man walking towards us, completely oblivious to the birds above his head. It’s odd to think that for me, this was a real treat, but for him it was something he didn’t even notice.

Anyway, I’m counting this as an early Christmas present. I hope you and yours all have the kind of Christmas you want, whether that be one packed with family, or with the chance to enjoy some peace and quiet. Whatever form it takes, merry Christmas!


One Response to “The waxwings, we found them!”

  1. domesticali Says:

    Merry Christmas, Laura! I’m glad you got to see them.

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