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La rentrée September 8, 2013

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ImageIn France, when they reach the end of summer and everyone picks back up where they left off, they call it la rentrée. The word sounds a lot like re-entry, and that’s sort of what it is – going back to work and normality after the holidays. So, after having neglected Busywork for a couple of months now, this is me picking up where I left off.

I have actually been at home for much of the summer, but now that it’s September and there’s a chill in the air, it feels like a new start. I find this more so that when the new year starts in January, because the weather then just carries on as it has been, there’s no real seasonal change.

I ended the summer on a high note – a day in London with my friend Jane (hello Jane!). It was something we’d talked about doing for a long time, perhaps more than a year, but we finally got round to it, and the weather gave us a perfect late summer day.

We visited the Chelsea Physic Garden, pottered around the very nice shops on the Kings Road, and then headed to the OXO Tower for cocktails. I had done this back in March when Megan and her friends were in London, and was very keen to go back. They had switched to a summer menu for their Not Afternoon Tea, which meant the options were completely different to those I’d had in March. I went for the chocolate bubbles option, and everything on the plate was amazing (pictures here). That was followed by a very refreshing gin cocktail, and then we were on our way, walking across the Thames to St Paul’s and a view across the city as the sun dipped in the sky.