Finding work for idle hands: making, baking and more.

About Busywork November 5, 2006

Me, on my travels.I’m Laura, and Busywork is my website. I’ve been here for a good few years now (since 2006), and before that had a blog on Typepad.

I live in Nottingham, in the middle of England. I love to travel, but hate leaving my beloved cat at a cattery while I’m away. I’m a pedant, a Radio 4 listener, and some consider my intake of chocolate puts me squarely in the chocoholic category. I disagree. And then I eat a little more chocolate to console myself.

I spend a lot of time looking out of windows, watching garden birds and the other creatures that visit our little patch. Our home is in the suburbs, but over the years we’ve seen herons, pheasants, woodpeckers, foxes, sparrowhawks, and swans.

I like to bake, and I’m often thinking about food: what to make for tea, what to cook at the weekend, whether there are any biscuits left in the tin…

I love getting things in the post. I love lip balm, stationery, 6Music, hot fudge sundaes, scarves, woodland, good design, and – most of all – pottering.


I’m on Flickr, Pinterest and Twitter, and I’d love to hear from you – you can leave comments on this site, or send me a message on Twitter. I also have another blog, Fashionably Pale, about my efforts to find clothes and make up to suit those of us with paler complexions.

Round here

I have little flurries of activity now and again, in between longer bouts of pottering and mooching. During those more productive times, I’ve made a few things and written about them on this website: sewing, food, my travels, and all kinds of other stuff.


6 Responses to “About Busywork”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    I love your site! Very interesting stuff. I love crafty, clever ideas, but have a little trouble with time management and find it difficult to get things done. But love to see what others have created. Keep up the good work!


  2. lauravw Says:

    Thanks Marjorie!

  3. Suzi Says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note as I’m putting together a list of craft and sewing blogs. As one of the blogs, I am subscribed to I added you to the list:
    I’m not sure what has happened but yours is one of a few blogs that I can’t get a score for through Technorati for. We will be looking into this and hope to correct it in the next few weeks.
    I kept you one the list, rather than take you off in the meantime, but just thought I’d let you know..

    Best wishes,

  4. Andy Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I’m one of the curators at Urbis in Mancheste where, you may have heard, we’ve got the sad news that we are to close in February. wanted to contact you about the possibility of using some of your tiny travelling treasury photographs from the PLAY exhibition a couple of years ago.
    Would really appreciate you getting in touch!

  5. Hi, nice to meet you !

  6. whysooserious Says:

    your blog is awesome! Love the articles and the snapshots as well 🙂

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