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Rain, followed by more rain July 20, 2007

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If you’re in the UK, I suspect that in recent weeks your outdoor activities have been thwarted by the weather. Someone’s asked Metafilter what’s going on, and it’s interesting reading to see what people think the cause is.

The comments point out the hot weather we had in April – it didn’t rain for much of the month, and yet since then, that’s pretty much all it has done.  Recently the North of England got hit, whereas today it’s mainly been the South. Here’s to hoping you are high and dry, wherever you are. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking about building an ark?


2 Responses to “Rain, followed by more rain”

  1. melissa Says:

    Nope, we just bought a big ol’ boat on the Thames. I’m watching the flooding and giggling (though it would be nice to actually get to use the barbecue on deck at some point 😦 ).

  2. lauravw Says:

    Melissa, I just looked at your weblog and am fascinated. My brother used to live on a boat in London, but the location of yours is inspiring – I love Tower Bridge.

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